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View Ohio Hobby Stores

A list of hobby stores in the state, with commentary where appropriate. The page is organized by city. When entering information, it would help if you would use a format similar to the one below.


4256 N High St
Columbus, OH
(614) 267-1957

What used to be an incredibly well stocked miniatures store has apparently fallen on hard times. There still is a decent selection of historical miniatures, plus Games Workshop, and a smattering of other games, including collectables, role playing and some out of date rules sets.


Game Room
3131 W Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH 43613
(419) 475-3775

A good selection of German style games, 40K and Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, Battletech and Warmachine. Plus, collectable games, and comics. In store gaming.

Mind Games
2115 N Reynolds Rd
Toledo, OH 43615
(419) 531-5540

A decent selection of role playing, board games and (a very few) miniatures.



Category: US Hobby Stores