28mm Old West Merchants’ Bank pdf from Finger and Toe
Posted: 26 July 2013 12:37 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm pdf model Merchant’s Bank, an historical building on California’s Old West High Desert.  Rancher, farmers, and merchants distant from Los Angeles needed the financial services a bank would provide, but what they got was a dinky, near-shed-sized branch.  Still, it served their needs. The Merchant’s Bank comes with an interior and removable roof.

With the other Finger and Toe Old West releases such as the Western Hotel, the Ana Verde RR Shack, the Shotgun House, and the Palmenthal Saloon, you have the core of a town in the Old West, especially California’s High Desert where these buildings still exist.  Combine with the Lincoln sets, and you’ll have just about any old town in the Southwest.  Remember, all these models’ original buildings are still standing, so they can form the core of that run down “across the tracks”  area your characters want to avoid but can’t.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with SMOOSH ASSURANCE: if ya’ll smoosh your Merchant’s Bank, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.
Merchant’s Bank is available from http://www.rpgnow.com or http://www.wargamevault.com for $1.00.